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Jesus stated, "Seek and you will find; knock and it shall be opened for you; ask and it shall be given to you. How will you satisfy your seeking heart? Books by D. D. Evans is designed to satisfy the heart of those seeking truth in life. As you explore the books on this site, reap the benefits of 60+ years of learning from the experiences, ups and downs, in and outs, along with the doubts, of the Christian life from one who gives testimony of God's workmanship in his life.

In Jesus' day, He said, "knock". In our day we say "click" and you shall receive the words of Jesus and more, as you receive understanding and insight into the mysteries of life, through the lens of scripture.

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Dennis Evnas

store owner

Dennis Evans is a father, teacher, chaplain, Technician, Disabled Vet, Salesman

Married 50 years, with two daughters, three grand-daughters, and one grandson.

Minister: ordained 1988, in Full Gospel ministry. Served as music director 20 years and pastor for 10 years. Diploma from College of Biblical Studies, Houston TX, Bible teacher, chaplain, evangelist.

Disabled Vet: 1969-1976 USAF, Viet Nam, Aircraft Navigational Electronics.

Industrial process control Field service, 40 years. Associates Degree from San Jacinto College.

Music teacher for 10 years. Piano and guitar.

Business owner sales rep,10 years.

Professional entertainer, 5 years.

Highlights: Houston Livestock show and Rodeo vendors convention; DAV convention; AARP Katy; AARP Woodlands; Jr Forum Woodlands; Jr Forum Tomball; Harris Co Pcnt #4 Jack Cagle; Commercial Conventions and Corporate Events, recorded with Ralph Carmichael at Columbia Studios, Los Angeles CA.

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