Predetermined Election

" All the world's a stage and all the men and women, merely players." - Shakespeare

The concept of "freedom" is overrated. No one is ever free; but contained by a variety of forces that keep us constrained; physically, mentally, and spiritually. These constraints are satisficed through Jesus Christ.

Chapter 1: The examples of Job.

Chapter 2: The election of people.

Chapter 3: For the sake of His elect.

Chapter 4: The suffering of the elect.

Chapter 5: The election of saints.

Chapter 6: The sovereignty of God.

Chapter 7: Apologetics and opposing arguments.

Chapter 8: The election is God's sovereign will.

(181 pages)

The Mentor's Discipleship Handbook

The Observations from a 60+ year walk With jesus

In ministry and counseling for over 40 years; served as hospital chaplain; pastor of a local church; recently selected elder of a local synagogue. Dennis is the father of two daughters and has four grandchildren.

Chapter 1: Growth and Development

Chapter 2: Life described in the Exodus

Chapter 3: Overcoming life's giants

Chapter 4: Understanding the gift of salvation

Chapter 5: Blessings and curses

Chapter 6: Handling the "whys" of life

Chapter 7: World without end

 (231 pages)

Understanding the Baptism of Fire

Has god left us defenseless in a wicked world?

Chapter 1: The Definition

Chapter 2: The Benefits

Chapter 3; Sealed and Baptized

Chapter 4: The Purpose

Chapter 5: Commanded

Chapter 6: Preparation

Chapter 7: How to receive

(115 pages)